Dae 007 | 蕎麥綠茶 

 冷泡 / 水出し / Cold Brewing      熱沖 / お湯出し / Hot Brewing


◗ 蕎麥綠茶 | 單純的穀麥香
◗ 煎茶 + 黃金蕎麥
南投生產的綠茶以蒸青工藝製作,淺蒸的煎茶混合焙炒過的蕎麥顆粒,減低了茶葉中的苦味,卻多了焙火與天然穀物的香氣,以低溫 ( 60 - 80°C ) 沖泡,除了喝到最適口的煎茶,也聞到最單純的穀麥香。
◗ そば緑茶  シンプルな穀物の香り
◗ 煎茶  +  そば
◗ Buckwheat Green Tea | The fragrance of simple grains
◗ Sencha  +  Buckwheat
Locally cultivated Nantou green tea is lightly blanched with steam then blended with roasted buckwheat grains to reduce the bitterness of the leaves and infuse the fragrances of charcoal roasting and natural grains. Best steeped in lower temperatures (60-80˚C) for delectable buckwheat flavors and simple whole grain aromas.


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