Dae 001|凍頂烏龍茶

◗ 冷泡 / 水出し / Cold Brewing     ◗ 熱沖 / お湯出し / Hot Brewin


◗ 凍頂烏龍茶 | 好日子從一開始
◗ 青心烏龍
◗ 凍頂ウーロン茶 | 良い日は一から
Dong Ding Oolong Tea | A good day begins early
Qing Xin Oolong
A good day begins early, when the sunlight is soft and mellow and the air bears traces of lightly roasted aromas. Small leaf variety, 40% semi-fermented, harvested from the hills of Nantou at elevations of 600m. The rich amber hues of the hot infused tea endows everyday life with warmth and fulfillment.


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