Dae 014 | 紅藜穀物

◗ 冷泡 / 水出し / Cold Brewing     ◗ 熱沖 / お湯出し / Hot Brewing


紅藜穀物 | 艷紅色的日子,滿載豐收
紅藜麥 + 決明子 + 蕎麥


◗ 赤キヌアの穀物茶 | 真っ赤な季節に収穫を祝う
◗ 赤キヌア  +  けつめいし  +  韃靼そば


◗ Red Quinoa Grain Tea | Brilliant red day , Full harvest
◗ Red Quinoa Grain  +  Buckwheat  +  Cassia Seed
Red quinoa is a century old crop harvested by the indigenous people used in brewer's yeast for fermentation purposes; in festivals, it symbolizes blessings and when worn in flower crowns or headdresses, it represents great honor.
Red quinoa is rich in nutritional value and is known as the "ruby grain".
Matured red quinoa is brilliant red to the eye, and piles of quinoa branches weaved together signify every effort in the daily life of farmers to make a bountiful harvest at the perfect moment.


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