Dadaocheng|Sun Moon Lake Black Tea (Tea Bags 7pcs / Can)

A tea of warmness, with tender, gentle and pure flavor.
With its ornate Baroque architecture, traditional Southern Fujian bungalows and bright red brick mansions, the culture of Dadaocheng is full of classical elements.
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Dadaocheng|Sun Moon Lake Black Tea (Tea Bags 7pcs / Can)


In the early days, Dadaocheng was one of the most prosperous cities in Taiwan, serving as a bustling distribution center for tea, fabrics, and goods from both the northern and southern regions. Adorned with Western-style buildings intricately embellished with delicate flowers, plants, and ornate column heads, the street captures the profound cultural heritage of Dadaocheng spanning over a century.


Dadaocheng|Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

TTS #18 Hong Yu Black Tea is a tea unique to the Sun Moon Lake tea production area in Yuchih Township, Nantou. It is a blend of wild Taiwanese mountain tea and Burmese big-leafed black tea with a fragrant bouquet and a mellow taste. Taiwan-produced black teas, just like the people of Taiwan, are warm and sincere in nature.



All teas are produced from friendly farming | No chemical fertilizers are used


Adhere to traditional craftsmanship | Use your hands to feel the softness of tea greens


Natural and Additive-free | Good quality can be seen



{ Dae by Day } Based on pure Taiwan grown teas, infused throughout the seasons with top quality ingredients sourced
from premium regions around the world. Compound teas created meticulously according to optimal proportions, our
blends offer lasting quality and incomparable, lasting flavors.



[Ingredients]:TTS#18 Hong Yu Black Tea

[Specification]:3g × 7 Tea Bags

[Size]:9 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm

[Shelf Life]:2 Years

[Place of Origin]:Taiwan

[Storage]:Store in a cool / dry / well-ventilated place


※ The product has passed SGS inspection

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