Dae 010 | 山形玫瑰烏龍

◗ 冷泡 / 水出し / Cold Brewing     ◗ 熱沖 / お湯出し / Hot Brewing


◗ 山形玫瑰烏龍 | 玫瑰色的日子
 四季春烏龍  +  山形玫瑰
南投埔里的氣候溫和、水質清澈,花農以溫網室栽植的山形玫瑰一年四季皆可採收,食用級的新鮮花瓣甜味中略帶微澀。以窨製工藝將玫瑰與名間的四季春一起拌合,長時間靜置後通過烘焙讓茶味與花香彼此平衡。如果你嚮往一種玫瑰色的幸福,那麼,當你聞到茶湯中隱含淡淡的花香,日子便會感到 心滿意足。🌹
◗ 山形バラ烏龍茶 バラ色の日々
◗ 烏龍茶  +  山形バラ
Siji Oolong, Shanghsing Rose | Day in Rosy Hues
◗ Siji Oolong  +  Shanghsing Rose
Puli Township, in Nantou County, enjoys mild weather and clear water. There, ower farmers plant mountain roses in net greenhouses. The owers can be harvested year-round. The edible fresh petals are sweet, with a hint of astringency. The rose blossoms are mixed with Sijichun Oolong tea during the scenting process. After being allowed to settle for a suitably long period, the mixture is roasted to balance the aromas of the tea and the owers. If you’ ve dreamed of enjoying a rosy cup of tea, then your life will undoubtedly be enriched by the faint oral scents of the tea.🌹