Dae 012 | 桂花烏龍

◗ 冷泡 / 水出し / Cold Brewing     ◗ 熱沖 / お湯出し / Hot Brewin


◗ 桂花烏龍 | 秋日的芬芳
◗ 四季春烏龍  +  桂花
◗ キンモクセイ烏龍茶 | 秋の芳香
◗ 烏龍茶  +  桂花
◗ Osmanthus Oolong | The Fragrance of Fall
◗ Siji Oolong  +  Osmanthus
Mingjian Township in Nantou County is situated on the Bagua Plateau, which is at an altitude of 500 M. With plenty of sunshine and frequent rainfall, it is home to tea plants and Sweet Osmanthus trees. A combination of the locally cultivated Four Seasons Oolong Tea and the Silver-White Osmanthus, which is picked in the fall, is created here with the craft of scenting teas. After the tea leaves are scented with Osmanthus flowers, they are sieved to remove any traces of the flower so that flower dregs will not cause bitter tastes in the tea when it is brewed. The refreshing scent of the tea is infused with the fragrance of fall, and a rich floral aroma blossoms on your tongue.