City God's Temple 1821 Peace| Jasmine Oolong Tea (Tea Bags 7pcs / Can)

The wife of the City God gives blessing, peace and joy.
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City God's Temple 1821 Peace| Jasmine Oolong Tea


The wife of the City God gives blessing, peace and joy.

Red quinoa is a century old crop harvested by the indigenous people used in brewer's yeast for fermentation purposes; in festivals, it symbolizes blessings and when worn in flower crowns or headdresses, it represents great honor. 
Red quinoa is rich in nutritional value and is known as the "ruby grain". 
Matured red quinoa is brilliant red to the eye, and piles of quinoa branches weaved  together signify every effort in the daily life of farmers to make a bountiful harvest at the perfect moment. 


All teas are produced from friendly farming | No chemical fertilizers are used


Adhere to traditional craftsmanship | Use your hands to feel the softness of tea greens


Natural and Additive-free | Good quality can be seen

City God's Temple Temple 1821 exclusive small card is attached, send your blessings to your nearest and dearest!



{ Dae by Day } Based on pure Taiwan grown teas, infused throughout the seasons with top quality ingredients sourced
from premium regions around the world. Compound teas created meticulously according to optimal proportions, our
blends offer lasting quality and incomparable, lasting flavors.



[Ingredients]:Siji Oolong and Jasmine

[Specification]:3g × 7 Tea Bags

[Size]:9 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm

[Shelf Life]:2 Years

[Place of Origin]:Taiwan

[Storage]:Store in a cool / dry / well-ventilated place


※ The product has passed SGS inspection

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