Little Day | Precious Light (3 boxes / box)

Design Idea : Spring / Geometric / Taiwanese Pattern
The geometric patterns, meticulously crafted through hot stamping, embody the concept of "cherishing the good days."
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Little Day | Precious Light (3 boxes / box)


The geometric patterns, meticulously crafted through hot stamping, embody the concept of "cherishing the good days."


Environmentally friendly soy ink Pantone color printing | Paired with textured logo stickers
Packaging uses FSC™ forest verified paper


Original Taiwanese window grille patterns  | The gold stamping enhances the texture even more


A day and a taste of tea
Come choose your beautiful day


All teas are sourced from friendly farming | No chemical fertilizers are used


Adhering to traditional craftsmanship | Feel the softness of tea greens with your hands


Natural and Additive-free | Good quality can be seen.


Dae 001 | Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Dae 002 | Comforting Tea

Dae 003 | Black Soybean Rice Tea

Dae 004 | Ginger Black Tea

Dae 005 | White Michelia Pouchong Tea

Dae 006 | Chrysanthemum Jinsyuan Oolong Tea

Dae 007 | Buckwheat Green Tea

Dae 008 | Lemongrass Black Tea

Dae 009 | Tuberose Black Tea

Dae 010 | Rose Oolong Tea

Dae 011 | Jin Xuan Black Tea

Dae 012 | Osmanthus Oolong Tea

Dae 013 | Jasmine Oolong Tea

Dae 014 | Red Quinoa Grain Tea

Dae 015 | Longan Flower Oolong Tea


"If you would like to choose different tea flavor, please fill in the  “Note”section to tell us.

Example: Little Day , 011/012/013

After completing the form, we will prepare the order according to your preferences !



{ Dae by Day } Based on pure Taiwan grown teas, infused throughout the seasons with top quality ingredients sourced
from premium regions around the world. Compound teas created meticulously according to optimal proportions, our
blends offer lasting quality and incomparable, lasting flavors.



 [Specification]:3 boxes / box( 3g × 6pcs )

[Size]:22 x 8 x 3 cm

[Shelf Life]:2 Years

[Place of Origin]:Taiwan

[Storage]:Store in a cool / dry / well-ventilated place


※ The product has passed SGS inspection


Gift Bag


[Size]:23 x 18 x 8 cm


※ When you purchase DaebyDay' Little-Day Series Gift Box, it comes with a thoughtful tea-brewing instruction card and a gift bag !

※ If you already have prepared your own gift bag, please note“Gift bag No Need ! ”Daebyday does cherish our earth, and care about the sustainability. We sincerely appreciate your great effort, too !

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